Our unique Spinney area enables children to learn about nature and many aspects of the environment.

They explore living things in the pond and under stones and logs, always mindful not to disturb the natural habitat.

The Outdoor Polytunnel is a great place to grow, nurture, and finally eat fruit and vegetables. Such fun!

We help them to be observant of the world around them, to investigate, to question and to understand nature and to respect natural things. If you are looking for a nursery, contact us today to arrange a visit, or alternatively come along to one of our Open Mornings.

We are delighted with the nursery and the service provided. We trust the staff 100% and we’re confident our child is in good hands. We highly recommend Walton to our friends.
The Walton team really do provide the kind of extended family environment that is so essential to the giving children the best start in life.
Our experience has been nothing short of perfect! All the staff are extremely caring and attentive knowing our child to the finest of details. The facilities are superb as there is clearly lots to do for the children.

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