The Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) is the professional association for Heads of the leading 600 independent preparatory schools in the UK and worldwide.

The association supports Heads as they strive to deliver excellent standards of education and care. It promotes the independent sector and aims to define and inspire excellence in education.

All IAPS member schools are regularly inspected and accredited against strict membership standards. Parents can be assured that preparatory schools whose heads have IAPS accreditation will offer a high quality of teaching and learning and a high degree of specialism in many subjects, with well-equipped resources.

The Head of Milton Keynes Preparatory School has IAPS accreditation.

Our latest inspection reports

2013 Full Inspection2023 Inspection Report

Inspection Quotes

Very well-established systems are in place to enable parents to be fully involved in their child's learning.
Children are exceptionally confident and happy, indicating they feel safe and secure.
The setting provides excellent opportunities for children to make choices in their activities and also provides a familiar routine.
Parents speak exceptionally highly of the provision, commenting on the warm and friendly staff, the wonderful environment and the fun learning experiences
Inclusive practice is fully evident throughout the nursery and children's needs are met exceptionally well.
Children learn about different cultural events and parents support them by sharing their own knowledge. This has included an international day and a grandparents day, in addition to a mums and dads day.
Children make excellent progress in this exciting setting where excellent care is taken to meet their individual learning and development-needs. Adults plan highly effectively to encourage the next steps in each child's learning in partnership with parents.
The safe baby nursery garden provides an exciting environment where young children can develop their senses and skills. This demonstrates their very good abilities to cooperate with each other. In the nature trail children independently use child-sized rakes and wheelbarrows to move soil and bark.
The nature trail is an exciting environment with tepees made from branches, digging areas, pathways, huge trees and wooden dens and walkways. Children busy themselves in this area undertaking an exciting variety of activities
Counting is encouraged throughout the day and children show awareness of size and position
Communication and language is encouraged exceptionally well throughout the nursery as staff model language, ask questions and listen attentively
Singing helps the young children develop their language skills and develop their memory as they recall the actions and words.

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